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Before I got into software development, I was excited about many things around a computer in my high school, from hardware to software. Remember the days when forum was still popular? That was when I liked fiddling around with XAMPP and vBulletin and similar forum software. I even wrote NSIS scripts to create alternative update installers for Audition Online, my favourite game at the time, which were less in size compared to the one from the publisher thanks to delta patching.

I decided to pursue Software Engineering in university afterward. I thought I would go with PHP but I ended up going with the Microsoft stack where I would work with C# and .NET Framework because those were what I was most familiar with after graduation.

So I began my career as a full-stack engineer by joining a fresher program in 2015. That was my first time to work on a real world project in a team of many newly graduated engineers. I worked mostly with ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework and jQuery. Those software development life cycle, software development principles and practices were all new to me.

After quite some time, I became interested in the JavaScript ecosystem and started with AngularJS and Node.js. But it didn't last long as I couldn't resist new technologies. I decided to learn React and started my new journey as a front end engineer. I had the opportunity to work with other exciting technologies - TypeScript, Next.js, GraphQL, gRPC, Cypress, Playwright, just to name a few.

Now let's leave those programming things aside. I am not such a nerdy techie who is all into technologies. I am an ordinary person and have hobbies just like everyone else. To entertain myself, I usually listen to music, watch movies and hang out with friends. I would go around the city to explore coffee shops and cocktail bars when I need to calm my mind. I may take photos during the time since I have an interest in phone photography. I own a Nokia 808 PureView, a Pixel 4 XL and an iPhone 14 Pro Max currently but I mostly use the Pixel since it has a great modded camera app that allows me to tune various photo capturing settings such as noise reduction strength, saturation and sharpness. You can see my photos on Flickr or Instagram.

Ah. Let me introduce this little family member to you. His name is Sữa (Milk). I adopted him in December 2018 when he was over three months old.

Sữa's photo
Sữa's photo

Alright. That is pretty much about me. If you want to connect with me then check out my presences on social networks: